The Resort Village of Kivimaa–Moonlight Bay is a small resort community located on the west side of Turtle Lake. Nearby communities include Livelong (20 mins), Turtleford (30 mins), Glaslyn (30 mins) and St. Walburg (40 mins). Kivimaa–Moonlight Bay is home to about 80 permanent residents, with close to 240 cabins and over 300 lots.

Swimming, fishing, boating and hiking are just a few of the activities that residents and visitors can enjoy. Unfortunately, there are no camping facilities in the resort village, but two public beaches, two boat launches and playground facilities are available for visitors.


Check out our plans for the new mini golf course on the bulletin page.  Construction will begin in the spring of 2018.  If you are interested in sponsoring a hole, please contact the village or E-mail rvkmb@littleloon.ca

Swimming Lesson will be held by Shayla Jesse on July 3rd-6th, 16th-20th and August 13th-17th, 20th-24th. To book, E-mail Shayla at shayla.jesse@gmail.com

By-Election July 14, 2018

There were 2 candidates nominated to run in the By-Election on July 14, 2018.

They are:   James Vollman  Occupatiion:  Foreman

and  Frances Washbrook  Occupation:  Accountant

Polls will be open from 9 am to 8 pm

Please come out and cast your vote.

You will be required to show a piece of government issued ID and you must have owned or rented property in the Resort village for a t least 3 months prior to July 14, 2018..

If you do not have government issued Id, please contact Jackie at the Resort Village office for a list of alternate options.

Contact information:  Ph # 306-845-2144 or Email:  rvkmb@littleloon.ca


Council Information

  • Mayor: Steven Nasby 1(306)830-1247
  • Councillors: Terry Anderson 1(780)808-1312, Archie Macleod 1(306)845-8034

Council Meetings

Regular Council meetings are held every third (3rd) Tuesday of the month unless otherwise stated

The next Regular Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday June 19th,  2018 .

Minutes and Financial Statements

2017  Minutes

Minutes January 2017_000010,    Minutes March 2017_000011,   Minutes April 2017_000012   

June 2017 Minutes_000065        July 2017 Minutes_000059             August 2017 Minutes_000061

September 2017 Minutes_000063              October 2017 Minutes_000084         October 2017 Special Meeting_000086

November 2017 Minutes_000094  December 2017 Minutes_000107

2017 Financial Statements

Fin Statement Jan 2017_000016,  Fin Statement Feb 2017_000015,   Fin Statement April 2017_000014

June 2017 Fin Statements_000048  August 2017 Financial Statements_000062

September 2017 Fin statements_000077       October 2017 Fin Statements_000087     November 2017 Financial Statements_000095      December 2017 Fin Statements_000108



January 2018 Minutes_000115 February 2018 Minutes_   March 2018 Minutes_000128             April 2018 Minutes06092018



January 2018 Financial Statements_000116   February 2018 Financial Statements_000125   March 2018 Financial Statements_000127      April 2018 Fin Statemnts06092018



Village Services

PLEASE NOTE: The new red garbage tags are now $3.50.

RV Storage Compound
Located at the East edge of the village in MR6. Spaces are available for residents at a rate of $200/yr for a single lot. Pontoon boats require double lots and the cost is $400/yr.

*Please Note the compound has been expanded and new sites are available.

Water Supply
The village now has a year round  well  from which potable water can be hauled.
Volunteer Fire Department
Fire Chief: Archie Macleod – 306-845-8034

New Zoning Bylaw, Zoning Map & Official Community Plan


Zoning Bylaw No 2 16_000051
Download Zoning Map
Download OCP

Community Events

Check out our Events page for more information.

Bulletin Board

Look for village updates on our Bulletin Board page.

Financial Statement

Download RVKMB’s Synopsis of 2015 Financial Statement.
Download RVKMB’s 2015 Financial Statement.