Archive: May 2015

Website Updates

Some new features for our website have been added. Enjoy!

Synopsis of 2013 Financial Statement

Download RVKMB’s Synopsis of 2013 Financial Statement.

Fire Truck Replacement

The “Picnic in the Park” Fire Department has been deemed an outstanding success… $43,866.00 has been raised through the event, and $5000.00 in donations are still to come in… Wow! $48,866.00 will be our final total for the Volunteer Fire Department fire truck replacement. The fire department’s goal is to have $50,000.00 to replace the fire truck. If anyone would like to make a donation to push the fund raiser over the top, stop by…


Helping Hands

To all the unsung heroes in the village… the RVKMB thanks you for being mindful of the needs in the community and taking the volunteer initiative to get the little jobs done. Give yourselves a big pat on the back. If anyone has spare minutes, check in at the office or see the council if you care to lend a hand. The village looks super because of all the helping hands!!!

Defibrillator Unit

RVKMB has purchased a defibrillator unit that is available in emergency situations with trained personal… If you require information or have questions, please contact Jackie during business hours or get in touch with council.

New Tires for Grader

Let’s talk about generosity… First Class Construction, Carl & Shauna Graetz & family, Drayton Valley, have donated four tires for the village grader. When you see the grader with its new “boots” installed, be thankful of the Graetz family for thinking of their village neighbours!!! Three cheers for your helping hands.


Thank you to the Norbury family for the donation of the Tetherball for the park!!!

Donate Your Recyclables

The RVKMB Volunteer Firemen Team will be accepting donations of recyclable bottles and cans to help fund their needs. You may get in touch with the Jackie at the village office for more information, or talk to fire chief Mr. Archie MacLeod. Thank you Sheldon Manship family and the McConnell families for your large donations. A big thank you to everyone who donated their recyclables over the summer. The RVKMB Volunteer Fund keeps growing with…


Outside Mail Slot

An outside mail slot has been installed on the village office door for correspondence drop off when the business office is closed.

Picnic in the Park 2014

To all our friends who gathered at the “Picnic in the Park” this summer… We hope you enjoyed the day, as the Resort Village of Kivimaa – Moonlight Bay sure enjoyed hosting the event and having the pleasure of your company!!!

Mulch & Tree Planting Bed

We want to thank Roger & DeeDee McConnell & family for the mulch donation for “Hill Park” and Steve & Cindy Nasby for the new tree planting bed.