Development/Building Permit

Prior to commencing development/construction you are required to locate and physically identify the iron survey pins defining the boundaries of the property being developed.

Prior to commencement of construction, the Zoning Bylaw Officer or Representative of the Resort Village of Kivimaa–Moonlight Bay will conduct a physical inspection of the proposed development to determine compliance with current zoning regulations.

Two additional inspections will be conducted as follows:

  1. During construction
  2. Following completion of construction/development

The Zoning Bylaw Officer or his/her representative has the authority under Bylaw No. 4/90 known as The Zoning Bylaw to order construction to cease if development is found to be in non-compliance with current zoning regulations.

Payment of $100 Fee must accompany the completed Development/Building Permit.

Schedule “A”

All structures must be at least 5 feet from all property boundaries and must be in agreement with our Zoning Bylaw.

Are subject to inspection for compliance.

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