Fireworks Permit

Fireworks Regulations

As per BYLAW NO. 8/08 being a bylaw of the Resort Village of Kivimaa–Moonlight Bay to provide for fire protection, the suppression of fire pursuant to Section 136(3) and 136(4) of the Urban Municipal Act, 1984 and Section 7 of the Prairie and Forest Fire Act, 1982.

Fireworks Displays

  1. A fireworks display, public or private shall only be held in locations approved and designated by the local Fire Chief.
  2. No person shall hold a fireworks display, public or private without first obtaining a permit from the local Fire Chief.
  3. No person shall hold a public fireworks display using high hazard fireworks.

Setting Off Fireworks

  1. No person shall set off any fireworks in a manner that would create a danger or nuisance to another person or properly.
  2. No person under 18 years of age shall set off any fireworks except under the direct supervision of a parent, guardian or other responsible adult.

Local Fire Chief: Archie Macleod, Phone: 845-2872

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