Response to Letter From Concerned Citizens

On Tuesday April 25, 2017 a group of concerned citizens met at the Washbrook residence to discuss the plan by the council of the Resort village to borrow $250,00 for the purchase of Parcel N and and to develop a new subdivision on said parcel.

A letter of concerns was brought to administrator of the Village Office.  The following is the response of council to this letter:

  1. Financial / Business Plan: Please see attached Summation of Cost and Business Plan
  2. Urgency: As land within the Resort Village is limited, and the opportunity was available, Council did not want to miss out on a potential revenue-generator for the Municipality.
  3. Current Asking Price: $254,000.000
  4. Obligation to address flooding and slope of the land: The Municipality’s Official Community Plan outlines the areas that are subject to flooding, and the Zoning Bylaw dictates the requirements that future landowners will have to conform to at time of construction. At time of Subdivision, Community Planning Branch and Water Security Agency will provide additional comment on the suitability and potential flood-prone nature of the land, which may result in the registration of an interest on title to make future landowners aware of any drainage concerns.  Council has also incorporated into the estimated cost summary an engineered drainage plan, and the drainage plan implementation.
  5. Clarify roads and access requirements: The subdivision will require the construction of roads and individual approaches into each lot. Council is looking at adopting road and approach standards to ensure that the drainage plan implementation will be incorporated into the subdivision and be retained as development occurs (i.e., adequate ditch side and back slopes within the municipal road allowance to accommodate surface drainage).
    1. Installation of natural gas: A quote has been included within the cost summary for the installation of natural gas into the residential lots only.
    2. Size of lots: The minimum frontage for lots is 18 metres, and this will be adequately updated within the new plan of proposed subdivision.
    3. Green space: Considerations have been made for the incorporation of green space, and the use of Environmental Reserve areas to accommodate surface drainage and water movement. No final decisions has been made on this due to subdivision design, and everything being in preliminary stages at this time.
    4. Plan for public offering: Information shall be posted on the Resort Village website for the purchasing of individual lots.
    5. Project Manager: Terry Anderson.
    6. Source of funding: Turtleford Credit Union, Village funds and a private partner
    7. Expense and contingency forecast: The village could make a profit of anywhere from $370,000 to $1 million.
    8. Budget forecast:
    9. Phase development of Parcel N:
    10. Long-term forecast to develop the remaining property:Answers to Questions 13-15 are addressed in the attachments following this letter.
    11. 11.  Mattila Trail: Final subdivision designs and road access has not yet been determined.We trust that this additional information is sufficient in addressing your concerns for Council proceeding with this proposal.Jackie HelgetonAdministrator                                                                                                                                                           Business Plan         Cost Plan – Updated. May 1 2017       Plan of Proposed Subdivision of Parcel N

For the sake of interest only I am attaching a copy of a Partnership development proposal for Parcel N that council received from a company called Kadon Industries Ltd.  Council declined this proposal as they felt that developing the parcel in phases would work better.

Proposal From Kadon Industries


If you have any questions please contact Terry Anderson at 780-808-1312 or email at