Animal Bylaw

BYLAW NO. 5/01

A bylaw to control the running at large of animals.

Of the Resort Village of Kivimaa–Moonlight Bay, in the province of Saskatchewan, enacts as

For the purpose of this bylaw the expression:

    1. Animals shall be defined as:
      • Dog: either male or female
      • Cat: either male or female
      • Horse: either male or female
    2. “clerk” shall mean the clerk of the municipality
    3. “municipality” shall mean the Resort Village of Kivimaa–Moonlight Bay
    4. “care and control” shall mean when the animal is beyond the boundaries of the land occupied by the owner, possessor, or harbourer of the said animal, or beyond the boundaries of any lands where it may be with the permission of the owner or occupant of the said land and when it is not under control by being
      1. in the direct and continuous charge of a person competent to control it.
  1. A person who owns, possesses, or harbours an animal found running to be out of care and control or dangerous. This infraction may be subject of enforcement by a peace officer.
    1. If an animal defecates on any public or private property within the Resort Village of Kivimaa–Moonlight Bay other than on the property of its owner, the owner of the animal shall cause the defecation to be removed immediately.
    2. Failure to cause the removal of defecation as required by subsection(a) of this section shall be in breach of this bylaw.
    1. A person who contravenes any of the provisions of section 2 & 3 of this bylaw, shall be guilty of an offense and upon conviction, shall be liable to a penalty of: $60.00 or in a situation deemed dangerous by a peace officer, the animal could be removed and/or destroyed.
    2. A violator of this bylaw, upon being served with a Notice of violation, may, during office hours, voluntarily pay by mail the penalty to the Municipal Office, and upon payment as so provided, that person shall not be liable to prosecution of the offence.
    3. The Notice of Violation shall be in Form “1”, attached to and forming part of this bylaw.

Complaints of an infraction of this bylaw must be made in writing and signed by the complainant.

If the penalties are not paid within the requested time frame, they will be added to and form part of the taxes of the owner.

Download Notice of Violation to print.