Welcome to the Resort Village of

Kivimaa - Moonlight Bay

Home of the Turtle Lake Monster


Bi-weekly Garbage Pick Up Schedule

Oct 12, 25     Nov 8, 22     Dec 6, 20      Jan 4, 17, 31     Feb 14, 28     Mar 14,28     Apr 11, 25     May 9, 24


Please note: The council meeting scheduled for September 20th has been moved to September 27th at 7:30pm



Held: Saturday, August 21st at 10:00am.  Thank you to those who were able to attend.

Readings from the Meeting


Email from Jackie Helgeton

Read at the meeting, August 21/21.  This letter has been removed voluntarily without prejudice.


Silent Auction Proceeds

Thank you to everyone who partipated or donated to our day.  A very special thank you to Jane Veltikold for organizing the First Annual Golfkart Parade!

A huge thank you to Esther Cunningham and Charlotte O'Hare for helping with the cash out for the auction!

Subject to a few final items to be completed, the proceeds are as follows:

                                                                               Dunk Tank                                                                                  $      68.00

                                                                               Cookbooks                                                                                        140.00

                                                                               50/50 Tickets                                                                                 1,082.00

                                                                               Sale of Food                                                                                    1,893.75

                                                                               Silent Auction                                                                               19,812.79

                                                                               Total                                                                                             $22,996.54

Since 2013, the Village has funded $207,358.12 in improvements by events such as this.  Pretty amazing!


Residents are continuing to feed foxes in the village, and as Saskatchewan Environment considers this a self-inflicted problem, they will not contribute to a solution.  Feeding foxes should be stopped as soon as possible for the following reasons:

  • Although rare, foxes are reservoirs for rabies.  If you see a fox acting aggressively or looking ill, do not approach!
  • Foxes will attack small dogs and carry diseases such as mange that can be spread to domestic pets.
  • It's cruel.  Foxes can rapidly become dependent on human food sources and will expand their population to take advantage of it.  If you feed intermitantly, you are just causing hardship for them.  


Vandalism is a problem in the Village.  Last Saturday 5 to 6 planters were robbed of their plants and on the long weekend, damage was done to the Minigolf.  Effective June 3, 2021 surveillance cameras will be installed at the Minigolf. 



  The Village would like to thank Sask Lotteries for their contribution to this year's bumper replacements on our dock and for the new planters to beautify our Village.  


About Us

The Resort Village Of Kivimaa–Moonlight Bay Is A Small Resort Community Located On The West Side Of Turtle Lake. Nearby Communities Include Livelong (20 Mins), Turtleford (30 Mins), Glaslyn (30 Mins) And St. Walburg (40 Mins). Kivimaa–Moonlight Bay Is Home To About 80 Permanent Residents, With Close To 240 Cabins And Over 300 Lots.