Bylaws and Permits for the Resort Village of  Kivimaa - Moonlight Bay

We are currently reviewing all bylaws and permits to ensure that only the latest version hits the site.  Please be patient with us!


 Covid 19 Policy for visitors to the village office: Effective October 19, 2021

Covid 19 Policy

Fireworks Permits

Permits can be obtained from the office, Mayor or councillors.  Completed permits can be handed directly to the Fire Chief, Keane Johnson, or dropped off at the office . 

Click on the link below to download the fireworks permit


Development Permit

Click on the link below to download the development permit



If trees are overhaning your power line and you feel it is a fire hazard you can call Sask Power at 888-757-6937.  You will need your lot and block number when you make the call.